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Writers are Readers: “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”

REVIEWER: Betsy Naglich

BOOK TITLE: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

AUTHOR: Taylor Jenkins Reid

GENERAL SYNOPSIS: The story revolves around a famous movie star who is retired and aging. Before her life ends, she commissions a magazine writer to document her life and write a book. There is some confusion about why this young writer was selected which hooks you into the story. Through the book you will learn about each of her seven husbands, why she married them, and which one was the love of her life.

GENERAL IMPRESSIONS: Don’t stop in the middle, you must read the last few chapters! It has a great ending. There is a point in the middle where many readers, including myself think…. Should I really finish this book? Yes, you should.


There are some ideas presented in this book that are controversial in the minds of some. If you are writing about subjects that readers may not agree with, you as a writer, have to think of some way to make the reader continue. Even in a book as good as this was, readers want to put it down. How can those topics be written to engage every reader? In the future, if I am writing about a topic like this, I will make sure I have enough interesting content apart from the controversial story to keep the reader engaged.

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