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Writers are Readers: “Flower Power”

REVIEWER: Tom Hernandez

BOOK TITLE: Flower Power

AUTHOR: Lindsay Lake

GENERAL SYNOPSIS: A “historical fiction” novel about a 19- year-old girl who joins the Air Force in 1969 and ends up assigned to Thule Air Base in Greenland – one of the coldest places in God’s creation. This amazing book is sooooo much more than what can (or should be) shared in a synopsis.

GENERAL IMPRESSIONS: Absolutely enthralling storytelling, amazing writing, astounding achievement. Especially considering this is a first novel.

HOW WAS THIS BOOK SIGNIFICANT FOR YOU? HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOUR WRITING? It’s not so much how it will affect my writing, but rather how it will affect my reading. This is by far my favorite book of 2022 so far. I literally could not stop reading, and was tickled by the historical references (like the impact the death of Brian Jones had on several characters) with an evolving, and challenging love story. This story goes in so many different directions it would have been easy for a lesser skilled writer to lose track. But Lindsay kept everything moving in ways that ultimately made sense and tied up together just as they should have. Wow

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