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Writers are Readers: “Lord Foul’s Bane”

REVIEWER: Steve Cordin

BOOK TITLE: Lord Foul’s Bane

AUTHOR: Stephen Donaldson

GENERAL SYNOPSIS: Thomas Covenant had it all until he contracted leprosy and becomes a pariah. After a strange confrontation with an old beggar, Covenant is transported to the Land, a mystical realm of beauty and magic. The people of the Land believe Covenant is the reincarnation of Berek Halfhand, the Land’s greatest hero and wielder of wild magic. Covenant thinks he is a delusion or dream. Nevertheless, he becomes embroiled in a struggle with the Land’s ancient enemy, the Despiser.

GENERAL IMPRESSIONS: I first read this novel in the 1970’s. It was part of a trilogy called The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. It was the first adult fantasy I ever read, and I was struck by the realistic portrayal of the characters.

HOW WAS THIS BOOK SIGNIFICANT FOR YOU? HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOUR WRITING? After reading this novel, I wanted to write a fantasy novel. I was intrigued how the characters were portrayed in a realistic fashion.

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