Writers are Readers: “Justice On Trial”

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

REVIEWER: R. Michael Markley

BOOK TITLE: Justice On Trial (The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court)

AUTHOR: Mollie Hemingway / Carrie Severino

GENERAL SYNOPSIS: The historical account of the contentious, controversial, and cacophony nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

GENERAL IMPRESSIONS: The account of the nomination proceedings is with a historical and fact filled perspective (though the authors admit leaning a little right of center). They kept to the facts and history. They use interviews of over one hundred persons including the President of the United States and several Supreme Court justices. They also talked with other high-ranking White House and Justice Department officials. The book shines a terrifying light on what is happening to our judicial nominating process, and how both parties use it for political gain. Putting into question the legitimacy and true bipartisanship of the court. After reading the book it angered me as a citizen of these United States how our government now uses the court for their own agenda instead of what’s best for our country as a whole.


I like how using factual and historical references give legitimacy to the book. The writing style makes you feel as if you are reading a law thriller more than a historical based synopsis. Though my main genre as a writer is fiction, I am working on a non-fiction book. Through reading Justice On Trial, I hope to become a writer who uses fact based material and yet make my readers entertained while being informed.

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