Writers are Readers: "The Romance Writer's Phrase Book"

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

REVIEWER: Duanne Walton

BOOK TITLE: The Romance Writer's Phrase Book.

AUTHOR: Jean Kent & Candice Shelton

GENERAL SYNOPSIS: Descriptive phrases and tags categorized according to physical characteristics, body movements, facial expressions, humor, eyes, voices, emotions, lovemaking, miscellaneous, and colors.

GENERAL IMPRESSIONS: Excellent for writers struggling to come up with descriptive phrases in their storytelling - and not just for romance writers.

HOW WAS THIS BOOK SIGNIFICANT FOR YOU? I attended a writer's workshop in high school. The guest speaker was a published romance novelist. She described the writing process and how she and a fellow writer put together a book of descriptions and phrases. I am 99.9% positive this is the book. I found it when Barnes & Noble first opened in Joliet. It was one of the first books I bought there.

HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOUR WRITING? There are plenty of other writing reference books with lists of descriptions that can be used in any genre, some of which I have bought and use regularly. But this one was my first and will always be on top of the pile. Even if I can't use anything in it, it'll always stimulate my creativity

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